These four years flew before our eyes in a flash. It was a time of ups and downs, a time of victories and defeats, a time of joys and worries! We have overcome everything together, and now we are on the path that will lead us to a completely different, new life, full of unknown misteries.

As part of our family, it is difficult for me to realize that we will no longer be together. It is strange to think that later I will not see your faces, I will not hear your voices, I will not communicate and smile with you. However, such is life, and we went throught this period with dignity! We passed another exam, we turned another page! We are proud of who we are now!

I am beyond belief glad to be part of such a strong community! I am glad to be a part of you all! CONGRATULATIONS!

Lots of love,

Your Miia ♥

The Apples Of My Eye

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