Tuesday, March 13, 2018 yet another lecture was delivered by prof. Iryna Biskub. The topic of the lecture was “Languages of Education and Research”. The lecture specified language learning initiatives in the EU which include the following:

  • EU Council’s Conclusions on multilingualism and the development of language competences:


  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment(CEFR)


  • The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) by Erasmus+


  • European Language Label



The students did a quiz on the main features of CEFR. Congrats to the winners!:

Rank Players Total Score (points) Correct Answers Incorrect Answers
1 Hrunyk_Usyk 12266 10 0
2 IraAlinaTanya 12242 10 0
3 Eugenia netyksh 12062 10 0
4 Zhyharevych 11870 10 0
5 Oks_Holovatiuk 11852 10 0


Download the presentations here:

Languages in Education and Research



Jean Monnet Module: Languages of Education and Research

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