If  you are looking for information and services provided by the EU but you don’t know  how to find  them – Europa.eu is the best option. It is the official website of the European Union. The site is run by the Communication department of the European Commission on behalf of the EU institutions. The lecture “EU Public Webpages” delivered by prof. Iryna Biskub on Tuesday, March 27, provided answers to the questions related to the functioning of the official websites of the EU institutions.

  • All EU institutions and agencies have their own websites. EU offices in each of the member countries and in countries around the world also have their own sites. Other online services address a range of topics, from finding a company’s VAT number to ordering EU publications and helping people looking for jobs abroad. So the lecture seemed to be helpful and fostering more interest in researching ES. 

Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate Communication can never be divorced from what is being communicated. Citizens expect Europe to offer them prosperity, solidarity and security in the face of globalisation. It is therefore essential to any communication policy that the EU should deliver an effective policy programme. Monday, April 2, 2018 a lecture on “Democracy, Dialogue and Debate” was delivered by Dr. Anna Danylchuk and informed students about the challenges of the EU communication policy development. The European Union is a common project shared by all levels of government, all types of organisations and people from all walks of life. Citizens have a right to get information about Europe and its concrete projects, a right to express their views about Europe and to be heard. This is the challenge of communication – to facilitate this exchange, the learning process, the dialogue. Democracy can flourish only if citizens know what is going on, and are able to participate fully.


You can download the presentation here:

EU Public Webpages


“EU Public webpages” and “Democracy, Dialogue and Debate”

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