On Thursday, April 26, an advanced training course for the secondary and high school teachers started at the Volyn Institute of  Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. The first lecture was delivered by prof. Iryna Biskub. 
Durinng the course school teachers specialized in English will get new knowledge on the role of English and other languages in the EU. They will be introduced to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the EU. Special attention will be paid to the role of languages in education, internet communication, research and youth exchange. Involving school teachers will add a large number of school students as final beneficiaries of the EULP project and aid their better understanding of common European values. 
Training Course will cover the following topics:
1. Regional, minority and other EU languages (2 hours) – Iryna Biskub;
2. Languages in Education and Research (2 hours) – Iryna Biskub;
3. EU Language Policy: Official and Working Languages (2 hours) – Nemira Mačianskienė;
4. English in the EU (2 hours) – Violeta Kalėdaitė;
5. Multilingualism and Language Initiatives. EUROPA language portal (2 hours) – Nemira Mačianskienė.
You can download the presentations here:
Watch the video lectures from our Lithuanian colleagues:
English in the EU
Multilingualism and Language Initiatives. EUROPA language portal

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